Sunday, February 15, 2009


Perasan x header miss tinta dah tukar.Kali ni I letak tema blue heart sesuai dengan perasaan I yang dah berbunga2 cinta gitu.Ahak=P Kalau refer entry KisAh sElepAs rEkreAsi, ada perubahan dalam diri miss tinta n mr sabrosa. So i dengan happy nya meluahkan perasaan i dalam blog neh.Hahahhahha.Jangan kata pape okkay.Diam cukup.Wiiinnkk=P~

To my love :

love is strange
Love is a strange thing. It is a flower, so delicate 
that a touch will broke it
& so strong that nothing will stop its growth.
think how often we miss love in a life time by a wrong gesture.. 
by an unspoken word.. by not keeping silent at the right time..
we lose it by interference of other people, 
by a lack of money and communication, 
by a quarrel over something stupid and yet..
we cannot live without it.. 

LOve you so much honey..mmuuahh!!


sabrosa said...

tq so much dear..ummm..sop3..sedey kegembiraan..