Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just For You

if you ask for a fish,
i'll give you the ocean..

if you ask for a flower,
i'll give you the garden..

if you ask for a cloud,
i'll bring you the sky..

if you ask for a star,
i'll bring you the universe..

if you ask for a giggle,
i give you a smile..

if you ask for a finger,
i give you my hand..

if you ask for a horse,
i'll give you the herd..

if you ask for some sand,
i'll bring you the beach..

if you're asking my heart,
to late..it's already yours..=)

by Carlos Sotolongo


sabrosa said...

so sweet...tq so much..kalo awk tolong bacakan live mesti lagi bes kan..hehehe


ops..sori syg..xreti nak sajak menyajak neh..hehehe